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KOAM-TV was the first station on the air in the Joplin, Missouri, and Pittsburg, Kansas, areas. KOAM news is the most respected local news source. Breaking news, investigative reporting, accurate forecasts, and dedication to local sports ensure KOAM’s coverage not only wins in ratings and awards, but makes us part of families’ lives. KOAM is a trusted partner, leading campaigns to make the Four State Area (where Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma touch) a better place to live. The KOAM sales and production teams are integral to the growth and success of local businesses. Since 1953, KOAM’s been first, best, and always on in the Four States.


KFJX Fox 14 launched in 2003 as the market’s fourth major full-powered broadcast station. KFJX delivered the Fox network to the four-states. Branded “Fox 14 – the four-state’s own fox,” it quickly became a favorite among viewers with hit shows including “American Idol,” “The Simpsons,” and “24.” Professional sports programs the NFL, Major League Baseball, and NASCAR provided immediate awareness of the new station, helping to make it one of the network’s fastest-growing affiliates. The addition of Fox 14 News at Nine in 2004 gave the four-states its first primetime newscast. It regularly finishes second only to KOAM in viewership. Winning awards such as the Missouri Broadcasters Anchor of the Year and earning a position in the national “Fox #1 Club” for three years has solidified Fox’s position in the market.

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The 4-States CW, KJFX-DT 14.2 launched in August 2018, providing the fifth network station in the Joplin, Missouri/Pittsburg, Kansas market. The 4-States CW provides compelling conflict talk shows during the day with fan favorites Family Guy, The Flash, Riverdale, and Supergirl during prime time.  The 4-States CW is a strong complement to KOAM-TV and Fox 14.